Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Room 3 put an entry into the Southland Social Science Fair.  We looked at DoC and all the wonderful things they do to help the kakapo.  After we had studied about DoC and the kakapo, we went to Invercargill to see the chicks that were being reared before going back to the Island.

We have written about the sound that rain makes.  We imagined that we walked to school and we thought about how the rain sounds, felt and what it did when we stomped in it!

Van wrote about Jack Frost. He then made an icicle and we have put it up on display in our room.

This was Liam's first Cross Country race.  He got very muddy but had a lot of fun!

Our cross country day looked cold but it was actually nice weather.  Still, it was a winter's day!

Mr Singer was getting the 5 year old girls ready for our Cross Country race.  Thornbury School, Hauroko School and Isla Bank School all met for a wonderful day in the mud.

We went to the Riverton Beach to use our senses and record amazing vocabulary for our writing. It was a cold day which was just what we wanted.
This is Lobster.
He lives next door but comes to school the moment he hears the children. His brother Fat Cat comes over too.

Alex getting ready for a cold day

When I get up in the morning in my warm cosy pyjamas, I get my warm slobbery porridge and after I go to brush my teeth and get out of my pyjamas and get my snow gear out of the cupboard.
I put on my fluffy blue undies,
and my black snow pants,
and my fluffy singlet,
and my warm merino top,
and my pink snow jacket,
and my pom pom hat,
and my pink  gloves.

By Alex

Writing from Maddy about Jack Frost

Look Out! Look Out!
Jack Frost is about…
He has made the green grass frosty,
He has made all the ice,
He has made my breath steam,
He has made the path icy and the road.

Writing by Angus (3 weeks at school)

Look Out! Look Out!
Jack Frost is about…
He makes grass white.
He makes ice white.