Thursday, 14 April 2016


We found out that a lot of food products have more t sugar than we should have for a day!!!


  1. Great maths activities!
    We were very excited to get the mail today and receive 3 postcards from kids in your class! We are especially surprised that all of them live on farms - cow farms, sheep farms and pig farms! We only have 1 child in our class who lives on a farm some of the time. It has got sheep and cows and pigs and sometimes there are some visiting ducks! The children who wrote to us liked swimming, all of us except one like swimming too! Did you know that we didn't know you could ride a sheep! We all laughed very hard. Thanks again. Room B5, Eastern Hutt School

  2. Yay, we are so pleased that you received our postcards. However we sent four postcards, written by Maddy, Alex, Van and Shaela.